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Bonus Episode - 3 - Jono Flies Solo

In our 3rd bonus episode, Jono deals with Bob's recent disappearance by keeping things "hip", "fresh" and "with it"; discussing some of GW's most recent releases.

As always, get in touch via our instagram or reach out to Jono (johnny_no_teeth) to express your own opinion of the recent releases!

Episode 17- Chaos Daemons

The lads navigate the every changing hellscape of the warp and talk about the various entities that inhabit this weird realm.

They talk colour schemes, possible custom armies and much much more! 

Episode 16 - Cold Open Stories

Bob and Jono catch up with the legendary Colyn of Cold Open Stories fame.

We get to discuss some of Colyn's inspirations, what motivates him in the hobby and what conversion projects he's working to put his famous audio-dramas into miniature form

Episode 15 - The Devourers

Bob and Jono discuss the tyranids, Bob talks a little about his own little splinter fleets and how you can look at creating your own custom fleet.

They also give an overview of some of the favourites and the aesthetic each fleet can give.

Episode 14 - Scratch the Surface

Bob and Jono take a minute to talk to their good friend Scratch about his experiences in the 40k hobby and spend a fair chunk of time learning a little bit about the Imperium's greatest hero... 


Bonus Episode - 2 - Bob’s Story Corner

Bob's Story Corner

Bob goes solo and does a "dramatic" reading of one of his short stories set in the grim grim dark dark 40k galaxy.


Episode 13 - Misc No#2

Bob and Jono talk Dornian Heresey and a friendly competition as well as covering a couple of other bits and bobs they have planned!

Another "winging it" episode we give a little flavour of some different things you could try and ways you can get in touch and interact with us!

Episode 12 - Base Paints

Bob and Jono explore the wonderful world of that very first (and second) layer of paint.

Handing out a couple of tips around how to handle that daunting first time... and derailing rapidly...

Episode 11 - Dark Eldar

In today's episode Bob desperately tries to convince Jono that the Drukhari are so much more than the edgey-spooky-space-elves they are so often depicted as.

Jono attempts to pay attention...



Episode10 - Inspiration

Bob and Jono enter into another delightful "Misc" episode where they talk about inspiration.

To join them on this journey they invite a good friend along for some helpful hints and tips.

Things rapidly devolve into madness as the topic of "Lady Space Marines" is brought to the table....

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